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Aanandoo Driving School mission is to empower individuals to take control of their destiny and improve their personal and professional lives by providing them with driving skills. Many jobs and professions require driving license just to be considered. We help our clients to acquire this very necessary tool.

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  • 01
    Are you open 7 days?

    No. 6 days in a week. 10 am -6 pm.

  • 02
    I'm 16 years old, can I get my Driver License in NYC?

    Yes you can. your parent or guardian must sign up the form MV-44. also, New York Motor Vehicles requires at least 50 hours of supervised training of 15 hours must be night driving in order to take your Road Test.

  • 03
    Can I upgrade my package?

    Yes, you can do.

  • 04
    How do I pay you?

    We have a good payment plan option.

  • 05
    Do you provide 5 hour certificate course?

    Yes, we have 5 hours Pre Licensing Course for everyday.

  • 06
    What do I need to attend the 5 hour course?

    You need only DMV Learner permit photo ID or DMV state ID & paper Learner Permit.

  • 07
    How much you charge for car rental?

    Charge for Car Rental is $100 – $150. Depends on the Road Test Location.

  • 08
    What is DMV skills test fee?

    $10.00 Only.

  • 09
    What is your driving lesson time?

    Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6 pm. But you must need to make a schedule first.

  • 10
    Can I get my DMV road test date on Saturday?

    Yes. DMV is taking the Road Test on Saturday.